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KISEKI provides plant factory consulting services, offering our extensive knowledge and insights accumulated over the years within the industry to companies and organizations considering plant factories as a business. We support the resolution and improvement of various issues that arise during business implementation.

KISEKI's plant factory consulting services include the following components, with the specific offerings varying depending on individual cases. We provide tailored support packages to match the progress of our customers' businesses.



Construction Consulting Services

Plant factories require advanced techniques to manage various elements necessary for proper cultivation comprehensively. Unfortunately, existing construction companies lack the specialized knowledge in this area.

KISEKI PLANT FACTORY's construction consulting services involve skilled personnel with specialized knowledge from KISEKI, acting as a bridge between customers and construction companies. We address technical, economic, and environmental challenges that arise during the design and construction process, supporting smooth project progression.

Project Management

We handle project planning, organization, scheduling, and budgeting. Additionally, we provide specialized support in risk management and quality control.

Technical Consulting

We offer technical advice related to the design, construction, and operation of buildings and infrastructures. Our support includes optimizing designs, managing construction processes, and ensuring quality assurance.

Environmental Consulting

We conduct economic analysis of projects, develop financial plans, and offer assistance in funding. We evaluate investment profitability and propose cost-cutting measures.

Environmental Consulting

We evaluate environmental issues related to projects, assist in compliance with environmental regulations, and create environmental management strategies. We also propose sustainable construction and environmentally conscious measures.

Business Strategy and Market Research

We develop business strategies for construction projects and conduct market research. Our support includes analyzing market needs, competition, and planning for new business expansion.



Operational Consulting Services

Plant factories require proficient staff skilled in handling cultivation equipment to ensure proper cultivation. Additionally, various factors such as climate conditions, soil, water quality, fertilization, pest management, and cultivation techniques influence plant growth. KISEKI PLANT FACTORY's operational consulting services nurture the necessary expertise in managing and operating customers' factories, providing optimal cultivation methods and management techniques to maximize crop growth, improve yields and quality, and optimize operational processes.

Process Optimization

We evaluate organizational workflows and provide improvement strategies for efficiency and effectiveness. This includes reassessing and improving workflow, optimizing information flow, and introducing efficient tools and systems to enhance organizational operations.

Quality Management

We evaluate the organization's quality management system and assist in introducing appropriate cultivation management techniques, quality management criteria, and evaluation processes. We design and implement activities to improve quality.

Organizational Talent Development

We support the design and implementation of appropriate talent development programs. This includes establishing a system for talent assessment and career development, designing internal education and training programs, and improving organizational capabilities.

Cultivation Planning

We can create cultivation plans considering the optimal conditions for crop growth. This includes selecting suitable crops based on specific needs, planning planting timing and cultivation procedures, and managing fertilization and pest control.

Cultivation Technique Consulting

We offer the latest cultivation techniques and know-how. We provide advice on cultivation techniques and cultivation management methods that suit crop growth to support improvement in crop growth

Soil Analysis and Fertilization Management

We conduct soil (substrate) analysis and provide appropriate fertilization management. We assess nutrient status and devise fertilization plans to replenish necessary nutrients. We also instruct on the timing and methods of fertilization to support efficient fertilizer use.

Integrated Pest Management

We provide advice on preventing and controlling damage caused by diseases and pests. This includes monitoring pests and diseases and guiding the selection of control measures and agents to support healthy crop growth.

Post-Harvest Handling and Processing

We offer appropriate post-harvest handling and processing methods for crops. This includes sorting after harvest, storage methods, and manufacturing processed products. We aim to maximize the appeal of our customers' products through proper handling.


Plant Factory Seminars (Lectures)

We plan lectures and seminars related to plant factories and cultivation techniques, targeting a wide range of participants such as agricultural professionals, researchers, technicians, and students.
As plant factories and cultivation techniques gain attention for their sustainability and efficiency in modern agriculture, we aim to share information through the introduction of the latest trends and case studies and foster discussions to envision the future of agriculture.