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World's First Cultivation Equipment "KISEKI GROW UNIT" that Fulfills Various Needs from Multi-Variety Small-Scale Production to Single Variety Large-Scale Production

Food is undeniably one of the most crucial elements in our society. However, the environment surrounding agriculture, the constituent element that supports our food, is deteriorating day by day. Various challenges are piling up, including population growth, food shortages caused by the decrease in cultivable land due to environmental destruction, abnormal weather, and global warming, aging agricultural workforce, and changes in consumer demands accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, where safety and security are prioritized.

Plant factory technology replaces the natural elements required for stable plant growth in conventional agriculture, such as sunlight, clean water, rich soil, and stable climate, with artificial components. This technology enables stable plant cultivation without being constrained by location, offering solutions to the aforementioned challenges. Moreover, in the current era where ventures into space and beyond are being planned, it becomes a technology that shapes the future of humanity

However, in existing artificial light-based plant factories, 92% of cultivated crops are lettuce varieties, and despite the demand to grow other types of crops, there is a lack of cultivation facilities and know-how tailored to meet such needs. This narrows down the options for users who wish to start a new plant factory, serving as an entry barrier.

Therefore, based on our extensive experience, we have developed a vertical cultivation equipment, "KISEKI GROW UNIT" which has the versatility to recreate various conditions and cultivation methods at various scale.

The world's first next-generation plant cultivation equipment that contributes to improving the environment surrounding agriculture and meets a wide range of market needs is 'KISEKI GROW UNIT.

Cultivation Equipment
green pea


The unit is welll sealed and managed in a controlled cultivation environment, equipped with high-brightness and performance LED grow light. The fine temperature and humidity control achieved through the interlocking of internal sensors with mechanisms such as lighting, air circulation, and cooling ensures an optimal cultivation environment. Automated supply of irrigation, fertilizers, and CO2 based on the cultivation stage enables the realization of an appropriate cultivation cycle. The use of high-reflectivity materials and electric curtains for daylight control maximizes light efficiency.


Hardware Specifications:
Dimensions & Weight Specifications:

Width: 2,750 mm
Depth: 1,500 mm
Height: 2,500 mm (2,600 mm)
Weight: 600 kg (Net weight)

Electrical Specifications:

Input Voltage: 1Φ200V
Input Current: 10A
Power Consumption: 2.0KW
Power Factor: > 0.9

Mechanism Control Specifications:

Cooling Capacity: 550W/h
(@ Water temperature 15 ℃)
Comprehensive control of lighting, air circulation, and curtains

Piping Specifications:
  • Cooling Pipe: x2 16A 125L/min
  • Nutrient Solution Pipe: x1 16A 125L/min
  • Nutrient Solution Tubes: x64 0.017L/min
  • Power Factor: > 0.9
CO2 Specifications:

CO2 Supply: PU Tube Φ12mm