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Using plant factory technology to protect the Earth's environment and promote the health of people.

Living in the modern world, we face a myriad of complex and diverse problems, ranging from individual health issues to war, environmental destruction, food shortages, and resource depletion. We believe that all these problems are interconnected.
As an "Only One" company, KISEKI utilizes plant factory technology to address the health, environmental, food, and resource challenges that humanity faces in the 21st century, contributing to the happiness of people worldwide.

Representative Director and CEO:
Kohei Yamada
Health Issues:

We produce and provide safe and secure plants and agricultural products, contributing to the mental and physical well-being of people.

Environmental Issues:

With sustainable plant factory technology, we minimize soil and water contamination caused by excessive pesticide and fertilizer use in modern agriculture, realizing environmentally friendly farming.

Food Issues:

Our technology enables stable crop production in any environment, including deserts, cold regions, islands, and even space, contributing to the resolution of food-related problems.

Resource Issues:

We achieve environmentally conscious agriculture with water usage 1/20 to 1/50 that of conventional agriculture to address droughts and water shortages caused by global warming.

Domestic Agricultural Issues:

We resolve various challenges faced by domestic agricultural practitioners, such as a decrease in their numbers and issues related to production volume and price instability due to natural disasters.

Plant Factory Issues:

While conventional plant factories mainly focused on mass production and lettuce cultivation, KISEKI GROW UNIT enables small-scale production and diverse crop cultivation to meet the demands of many customers.


Corporate Philosophy
Corporate Philosophy:

Protect the environment and make people's minds and bodies healthy as an 'Only One Company' to create people's happiness.

Goal-oriented salespeople


Guiding Principles:
GenkiWe will work hard in good health in mind and body without anger, fear and sadness, with honesty, kindness and joy.
GratitudeWe say "thank you" to our colleagues, customers, business partners, shareholders and all those involved with KISEKI, without forgetting to express our gratitude.
All for OneLet's unite for our success by believing in ourselves, believing in our colleagues, recruiting talent globally, seeking knowledge from all over the world, regardless of position above or below.
GRITWe will accomplish our work for our customers, for the world and people, with ambition and courage, facing difficulties without fear of failure.
PioneerWe create new values continuously as a pioneer in the industry, responding flexibly and super-fast to changes in the world.


  • Kohei Yamada
    Representative Director and CEO:
    Kohei Yamada
    山田 耕平

    After working for the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers, a trading company and a family office in Singapore, he moved to Rwanda in 2016. After returning to Japan, he founded KISEKI GROUP CORP. in March 2020. Executive MBA at the University of Oxford,100 Most Respected Japanese People in the World(Newsweek), TEDxOxbridge Speaker, One of 25 mentors for ‘The Direction of Japan’(WEDGE),

  • Toru Masutani
    Director and CFO:
    Toru Masutani
    桝谷 徹

    Handled private banking services for wealthy individuals at major banks in Japan and Hong Kong. Subsequently, engaged in IPO work for JDR listing as a foreign company at YCP Holdings (Global) Limited. After listing, was in charge of IR operations.

  • Shunsuke Kanatoko
    General Manager:
    Shunsuke Kanatoko
    金床 俊介

    Worked for a biotech startup and a research firm before serving as a PMO and a leader of a global project cordination team at a major consulting firm.

  • Asunaro Sugimoto
    Chief Scientist:
    Asunaro Sugimoto
    杉本 明日成

    After working at a major beverage manufacturer, engaged in factory establishment, including research and development and test equipment, at a major plant factory. Accumulated extensive experience, including managing cultivation environments according to varieties, introducing automation technology, and overseeing repairs.

  • Yoshihiro Takemura
    Technical Director:
    Yoshihiro Takemura
    武村 祥弘

    After serving as an equipment engineer at a major glass manufacturing company, was in charge of equipment design at a major plant factory. Engaged in the construction, equipment export, and construction management of plant factories in Japan and abroad, encompassing design, equipment production, procurement, export-import, and construction management.


Company Overview
Company Name:
Representative Director and President Kohei Yamada
3-1-3 Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062, Japan
Spline Aoyama Tokyu Building 6F Business Airport Aoyama
+81-(0)3-6824-0152 (Head Office)
Business Activities:
  • Manufacture and sale of versatile and scalable cultivation equipment.
  • Development and sale of recipes using the equipment and its software.
  • Planning and development of fully artificial light plant factories
  • Factory construction, equipment introduction, and operational consulting



*3-minute walk from Exit 1a of Tokyo Metro Ginza Line "Gaienmae Station/G03"